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“Traditional knowledge" is employed to mean knowledge, innovations and practices of indigenous and local communities embodying traditional life-styles; the wisdom developed over many generations of holistic traditional scientific utilization of the lands, natural resources, and environment. It is generally passed down by word of mouth, from generation to generation and is, for the most part, undocumented. Traditional knowledge is valid and necessary, and awaits its currently relevant wider application for human benefit. National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources, CSIR felt a need to document the recent developments and the information bygone in this area in the form of an interdisciplinary periodical. The Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge will carry original research papers, review articles, short communications, etc. concerned with the observation and experimental investigation of the biological activities of the materials from plants, animals and minerals, used in the traditional health-care systems such as Ayurveda, Siddha, Yoga, Unani, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, Folk-remedies, etc. As validation of indigenous claims it will cover Ethno-biology, Ethno-medicine, Ethno-pharmacology, Ethno-pharmacognosy & Clinical Studies on efficacy. Besides, the journal will also welcome interdisciplinary papers on traditional uses (non-medicinal) of Indian raw materials of plant, animal and mineral origin and development of appropriate technologies for community benefit with specific interest to the rural areas. Impact Factor of IJTK is 0.731 (JCR 2019). CODEN: IJTKB7.

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Recent Special Issues:

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Vol 19, No 2 (2020): Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge

Table of Contents

Content April 2020 PDF


Participation of women in traditional pig farming in North bank plain zone of Assam PDF
Borah, Sanjib ; Talukdar, Reema ; Soren, Simson ; Gogoi, Jayashree ; Barman, Kanak Chandra; Tamuli, Uma Ram 378-382


Bhat (Black Soybean): A traditional legume with high nutritional and nutraceutical properties from NW Himalayan region of India PDF
Bhartiya, Anuradha ; Aditya, J P; Pal, R S; Chandra, N ; Kant, L ; Pattanayak, A 307-319
Ethnobotanical significance of Zingiberales: a case study in the Malaipandaram tribe of Southern western Ghats of Kerala PDF
Thomas, V P; Jose, Judin ; ST, Saranya Mol; Thomas, Binoy T 450-458
Nutraceutical changes during ripening of bael [Aegle marmelos (L.) Correa] fruits harvested at different maturity periods PDF
Bhattacherjee, Anup Kumar; Dikshit, Abhay ; Tandon, Dileep Kumar 416-422
Ethnobotanical plants used for gastrointestinal ailments by the inhabitants of Kishtwar plateau in Northwestern Himalaya, India PDF
Singh, Bikarma ; Thakur, Sajan ; Tashi, Nawang ; Singh, Bishander ; Dutt, Harish Chander 288-298
Ethnomedicinal plants of the sacred groves and their uses by Karbi tribe in Karbi Anglong district of Assam, Northeast India PDF
Devi, Ashalata ; Baidya, Shilpa ; Thakur, Bijay 277-287
Ethnomedicinal study of plants used to cure skin diseases and healing of wounds in Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary (GWLS), Jammu & Kashmir PDF
Pant, Shreekar ; Wani, Zishan Ahmad 327-334
Wild edible plants of Jharkhand and their utilitarian perspectives PDF
Saikia, P ; Kumar, R 237-250
Traditional processing associated changes in chemical parameters of wild Yam (Dioscorea) tubers from Koraput, Odisha, India PDF
Panda, Debabrata ; Biswas, Meghali ; Padhan, Bandana ; Lenka, Sangram K 268-276

Food Science & Nutrition

Formulation of peppermint oil nanoemulsion using conjugates of whey proteins with maltodextrin and its characterization PDF
Mann, Bimlesh ; Sonu, K S; Sharma, Rajan ; Kumar, Rajesh ; Singh, Richa 394-400
Eating from the wild: an insight into the indigenous wild edible plants consumed by the Digaru Mishmi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh PDF
Ngomle, S ; Eko, R ; Kanwat, M ; Kalita, H ; Moyon, N N 360-369


Traditional handloom practices of Nyishi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, Eastern Himalaya PDF
Pangging, G ; Sharma, C L; Sharma, M ; Rai, N ; Gogoi, J 442-449


Therapeutic effect of hydroethanolic extract of Trianthema portulacastrum L. against N-Nitroso-N-Methylurea-induced mammary tumors in Wistar rats PDF
Singh, Rajendra ; Kumar, Narendra ; Saminathan, M ; Singh, K P; Dhama, K ; Milton, A Arun Prince; Kurade, N P 406-415
Analysis of RIG-I-mediated innate immune response in rats with Kidney-Yang Deficiency Syndrome and its change following Yougui pill administration PDF
Zhao, Min ; Huang, Min ; Liu, Junfeng ; Xiao, Min ; Yu, Xiaoming ; Zhou, Yanyan ; Tan, Aihua 350-359
Quality evaluation of Zanthoxylum rhetsa fruits and seeds - a Thai traditional medicine PDF
Charoensub, Rawiwan ; Duangyod, Thidarat ; Phuneerub, Pravaree ; Maneerat, Wisanu 335-340
A comparative study about antioxidant activity and phenolic composition of cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.) and coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) PDF
Demir, Sema ; Korukluoglu, Mihriban 383-393
Antioxidant and antimicrobial capacity of Lactifluus rugatus and its antiproliferative activity on A549 cells PDF
SEVINDIK, Mustafa 423-427
Ethnopharmacological study of medicinal plants from Khoy city of West Azerbaijan- Iran PDF
Hamzekhanlu, Mehdi Younessi; Ozturk, Munir ; Altay, Volkan ; Nojadeh, Mohsen Sabzi; Alakbarli, Farid 251-267
Adjuvant effect of Garlic extracts (Allium sativum L.) on the production of γ globulin in mice immunized with ovalbumin PDF
David, Pedroza Escobar; Daniela, Estrada Villa; Raúl, De Santiago-Castañón; Carolina, Barboza Herrera; Flor-del-Carmen, Rivera-Barbosa ; Sonia, López García; Marcela, Torres Hernández; Irais, Castillo Maldonado; Luis-Benjamín, Serrano-Gallardo ; Mario-Alberto, Rivera-Guillén ; Dealmy, Delgadillo Guzmán 299-306
The modulatory effect of septilin on cytotoxicity of cisplatin in a human breast adenocarcinoma cell line PDF
Shenoy, K Bhasker; Shruthi, S ; Vijayalaxmi, K K; Rao, BS Satish 435-441
In vitro study of antibacterial activity of Kanocha seeds (Phyllanthus maderaspatensis) against some gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial strains PDF
Akhtar, Sada ; Rauf, Abdur ; Rehman, Sumbul ; Siddiqui, Mohd Zakir 320-326
Effect of oregano oil (Origanum Vulgare L.) on chronic rhinosinusitis: A randomized, double-blind, clinical trial PDF
Qaraaty, MD Marzieh; Kamaneh, MD Seyed Abdol-Reza; Tabarrai, MD Malihe; Mazidi, MD Mona; Mojahedi, MD Morteza; Mazandarani, Masoumeh ; Behnampour, Nasser 341-349
Antibacterial and cell envelope damaging properties of different solvent extracts of Rhus chinensis Mill against E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus PDF
Poudyali, Bhumika ; Singh, Bimala 428-434
Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiapoptotic effects of Naringin on cardiac damage induced by cisplatin PDF
Gelen, Volkan ; Şengül, Emin 459-465


Ethnoveterinary practices (EVP) for control of ectoparasite in livestock PDF
Nimbalkar, S D; Patil, D S; Deo, A D 401-405


Promoting traditional occupations in indigenous populations of Meghalaya, India PDF
Kurbah, Sairabell ; Rao, PSS 370-377

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