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“Traditional knowledge" is employed to mean knowledge, innovations and practices of indigenous and local communities embodying traditional life-styles; the wisdom developed over many generations of holistic traditional scientific utilization of the lands, natural resources, and environment. It is generally passed down by word of mouth, from generation to generation and is, for the most part, undocumented. Traditional knowledge is valid and necessary, and awaits its currently relevant wider application for human benefit. National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources, CSIR felt a need to document the recent developments and the information bygone in this area in the form of an interdisciplinary periodical. The Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge will carry original research papers, review articles, short communications, etc. concerned with the observation and experimental investigation of the biological activities of the materials from plants, animals and minerals, used in the traditional health-care systems such as Ayurveda, Siddha, Yoga, Unani, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, Folk-remedies, etc. As validation of indigenous claims it will cover Ethno-biology, Ethno-medicine, Ethno-pharmacology, Ethno-pharmacognosy & Clinical Studies on efficacy. Besides, the journal will also welcome interdisciplinary papers on traditional uses (non-medicinal) of Indian raw materials of plant, animal and mineral origin and development of appropriate technologies for community benefit with specific interest to the rural areas. Impact Factor of IJTK is 0.731 (JCR 2019). CODEN: IJTKB7.

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Vol 19 (2020): (Suppl) Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge

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RAO, SUMANGALA ; G, Krishna Kumar; Shenoy, K B S 124-S 132

Identification of therapeutic targets for controlling COVID-19 pandemic by traditional system of Ayurvedic medicines: A systematic review

COVID-19 is a severe respiratory disorder caused by the SARS COV-2 virus that involves limited innate immunity. Numerous publications have suggested that plants/minerals used in the Traditional system of Ayurveda, has revealed much about the biology of COVID-19. One theory is that combination of anti viral, anti inflammatory, agents activating immune cells, anti toxic herbs and metals may be helpful for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection. Anti viral Drugs used for COVID-19 are those which blocks RNA synthesis, virus invasion, bind to receptor proteins on the surface of cells, cell cycle protein, and physiological and pathological processes inhibitor. Anti-inflammatory drugs used for COVID-19 re those which controls transcription of DNA, cytokine production, break down the basement membrane, regulate outer mitochondrial membrane permeability, controlling the host cell life, stimulates activated B-cell and T-cell proliferation, virus dissemination, a slowdown of cell metabolism or secretion of cytokines. Drugs which is having role in the innate immunity, inhibits ROS, enhances cell lifespan, activates macrophages, physiological effects on cells activates the Lung resident immune cells. The focus of this review is to elucidate the Ayurvedic pharmacological properties with their therapeutic targets.

Dash, Manoj Kumar; Joshi, Namrata ; Tripathi, Yamini Bhusan S 11-S 24

Ayurvedic paradigm for COVID-19 prophylaxis and management strategies: Perspective and evidence-based review

KUMAR, ARVIND ; Rai, Amit Kumar; Chiluveri, Ashwin C; Chiluveri, Sudha K; Londhe, Deepak ; Singh, Rajeshwari ; Kumar, Shobhit ; G, Sumeet S 25-S 36

Combating COVID-19 with Holistic Approach of Ayurveda

Nesari, Tanuja ; Kajaria, D S 37-S 46

COVID conundrum: Possible solutions in Ayurveda

Dornala, Sathya N; Dornala, Snehalatha SN S 47-S 59
Can Ayurveda be leveraged for COVID-19? PDF
Jayasundar, Rama S 60-S 68


Tripathi, Yamini Bhusan; Dwivedi, Kamal Nayan; Joshi, Namrata ; Dubey, Sushil Kumar; Byadgi, P.S. ; Bhat K, Shobha ; Prasad, Rajendra ; Dwibedi, Brij kumar; Pandey, K.K. ; Tripathi, Jyoti Shankar; Pandey, Chandrashekar ; Murthy, KHHVSS. N.; Suman, Sunita ; Pandey, Ajai Kumar; Srivastava, Vijay ; Jaiswal, Vaibhav S 69-S 80
COVID-19: understanding pathology & management in Unani medical perspective PDF
Yasir, Mohammed ; Khan, Rizwan Mansur; Fahad, Ataullah ; Ansari, Abdulnasir S 81-S 88

Exploring the potency of Ayurveda in pandemic caused by COVID-19 on scientific parameters


Chaudhary, Anand K S 89-S 94

Emergence of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) COVID-19 and approach of AYUSH systems of medicine towards its prevention and management

Mastan, Adnan ; Tripathi, Ashutosh ; Rai, Sunil Kumar; Pai, Vikram ; Venkatachalam, Lakshmanakumar S 95-S 102

Analysis of COVID-19 Pandemic - Origin, Global Impact and Indian Therapeutic Solutions for infectious diseases

Satapathy, Suresh Chandra; Cruz, Meenalosini ; Namburu, Anupama ; D, Sumathi ; Kumar Raju Alluri, BKSP ; Chakkaravarthy, S. Sibi S 103-S 117

Role of traditional medicines as a challenge for Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Shankar, Rama ; Balkrishna, Acharya ; Srivastava, Anupam ; Joshi, Bhaskar ; Mishra, Rajesh Kuamr S 118-S 123

Belief of Indian Population on Traditional Yoga System During COVID-19 Crisis

verma, sudhanshu ; Kumar, Kamakhya ; Meena, Ruby S 133-S 138

Oxidative stress and anti-obesity approach in behavior of COVID-19: A Review

Yadav, Kapil Deo; Yadav, V K; Jha, R K; Yadav, C K; Singh, S K; Dhaliwal, I S 139-S 142


Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Vegetable Sector and its Allies

Kaushik, Prashant ; Sharma, V ; Saini, I ; Yadav, V K; Jayaswal, D ; Singh, G ; Kesh, H ; Srivastava, A S 177-S 183

Food Science & Nutrition

A nutritional intervention against COVID-19: Possibilities on the use of an alkaline diet to boost physiological resistance and immunity.

Gawade, Avinash Eknath; Bale, S R S 158-S 163


Studies on traditional Indian (turmeric) pickle as probiotic pickle for therapeutic uses in view of COVID-19 pandemic

Sharma, Nivedita ; Chandel, Manisha ; Sharma, Nisha S 143-S 152

Visiting Bael (Aegle marmelos) as a Protective Agent Against COVID-19: A Review

Kaushik, Prashant ; Yadav, V K; Singh, G ; Jha, R K S 153-S 157


Mindfulness: a traditional Buddhist wisdom to cope with the COVID-19 situation

Sinha, Muktipada ; Mukhopadhyay, Sarjana ; Panda, Bijoy Krishna S 164-S 172

Short term Effectiveness of Structured Exercise Protocol on Respiratory Parameters in subjects with COVID

Chintamani, Radhika ; Burungale, Mayuri S 173-S 176

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