Effect of fungal pretreatment on Solanum nigrum L. leaves biomass aimed at the bioadsorption of heavy metals

Kaushik, Prashant


Environmental degradation due to water pollution, air pollution and soil pollution has a detrimental effect and create ecological imbalance. These factors are also responsible for the large scale introduction of heavy metal ions into the environment. Conventional treatment methods for the removal of heavy metal ions are not so advantageous as these are highly expensive and also produces toxicant. Keeping this view in the mind, the present study was framed to determine the biosorption of heavy metal ions using Solanum nigrum L. leaf biomass alone and also with Aspergillus oryzae treated S. nigrum leaf biomass. Solanum nigrum L. leaf biomass was used as biosorbent for the biosorption of cobalt, copper, iron,lead and zinc.Unaided S. nigrum leaf biomass was the better absorbant of lead (Pb) whereas when inoculated with A. oryzae cobalt (Co) was more biosorbed than any other heavy metal. Overall, the results of the present study propose that the traditional plant S. nigrum could be used for the bioadsorption of heavy metals.


Biosorbent, Biosorption, Conventional methods, Environmental pollution, Heavy metal ions, Solanum nigrum L.

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