Microbiological and enzymatic properties of diverse Jaivik Krishi inputs used in organic farming

Jain, Devendra ; Jain, Priyanka ; Bhojiya, Ali A; Jain, Ravindra K; Choudhary, Roshan ; Sharma, Shanti K; Yadav, Sharvan K; Jat, G


Jaivik Krishi is a system of production and natural agriculture free from all fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and synthetic harmful substances. Organic Farming is a method which forbids the application of synthetic inputs (such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, feed additives, hormones, etc.) Jaivik krishi products (organic inputs) are organic formulations that boost the biological productivity of crops and the nutritional quality of vegetables and fruits. The use of Javik Krishi inputs helped in sustaining crop yields in organic nutrient management system. In the present study, various organic formulations were prepared from the various indigenous cow-products and plant based waste materials. Microbial count viz., total bacteria, fungus and actinomycetes count, and enzymatic activities viz., acid phosphatase, alkaline phosphatase and dehydrogenase were also evaluated in different organic liquid formulations. The average microbial count of Panchgavya (14.9x108, 5.8x105, 8x105 cfu/mL for total bacteria, fungus and actinomycetes count respectively) was highest among various Javik Krishi inputs studied followed by Dasparni. In present study, enzymatic activities of Javik Krishi inputs was directly related and corresponded to the microbial count. The enzyme activities of Panchgavya was highest (29.97, 52.10 and 66.64 μg/mL for acid phosphatase, alkaline phosphatase and dehydrogenase respectively) followed by Dasparni. These Javik Krishi inputs will benefit in enhancing the soil carbon content of soil and improving the soil fertility and micro-fauna.


Acid Phosphatase, Alkaline phosphatase, Dehydrogenase, Jaivik Krishi, Microbial count, Organic farming

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