Documentation of the traditional hand tools in selected tribal and non-tribal households of Assam

LANGTHASA, SONIA ; Bhattacharyya, Nandita ; Kalita, Mira ; Kakati, Pradip


The study aimed to document the various traditional hand tools and implements used in performing different agricultural activities in selected tribal and non-tribal households of Assam. Traditional hand tools and implements are easy to operate, cheap and used manually. A survey was conducted to gather information from the selected 100 households by ‘Probability Proportionate to Size (PPS) technique’ from two districts i.e., Jorhat and Karbi Anglong based on non-tribal and tribal (hill tribe) households population. Data were gathered by observation and interview method conducted with purposively selected informants. The study revealed that farmers of Assam still use traditional tools and implements. The detailed information about each tool was collected and informative notes were taken. A total of 22 tools documented during this study are presented in this paper.


Agricultural activities; Non-tribal; Traditional hand tools; Traditional tools and implements; Tribal

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