Valuable wisdom in the Himalayas: ITKs in bullock rearing

Bhatt, Archana ; Meena, B S; Paul, Pampi


Rural community has been utilising natural herbs for treatment of health disorders since time immemorial. The indigenous wisdom possessed by them is of immense importance that must be documented and conserved for future use unless it gets lost or endangered with time. Himalayan region is home to a number of medicinal plant species that are used for treatment of humans as well as the domestic animals. Present study was carried out in the state of Uttarakhand to document various ethno veterinary practices followed in the treatment of bullocks which form the backbone of hill agriculture. Data was collected in 2017-18 from 240 farmers randomly selected from four districts through a semi structured schedule. Study revealed that the respondents were using 36 plant species (mainly herbs 52.77%) in combination with household items and other resources in different formulations (decoction, drink, balls, powder, chutney, etc.) to treat their bullocks. The study revealed that carom seeds, Nettle and Cumin had the highest use value (UV) of 1.00, 0.99 and 0.98 respectively. Identified ethno veterinary practices were being used for different health issues mainly, injury (external and internal), stomach disorders, poisoning, muscular pain, FMD, fever, infection, burns, etc


Bullocks, Ethnoveterinary practices, Himalayas, Indigenous traditional knowledge (ITK), Mountain agriculture

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