Traditional uses of multi-cob bearing Murlimakai primitive maize landrace from Sikkim state, India

Perumalla, Kiran Babu; Rai, Deepak


Sikkim is one of the most beautiful tourist hill states and land of traditional landraces of many crops and with incredible agro-biodiversity treasure. Multi-cob baring murlimakai is used for various purposes such as mouthwatering delicious foods preparation such as popcorn, chapati, roti, chyakdung. Makkaiko chamal, makkaiko pitho, makkaiko laddu and makkaiko dalla. Attractive artifacts mats, baskets, fruits and vegetable container baskets, bags and hats are prepared from ears and local beverage jhand and rakshi is prepared from the grans. Immediate conservation of this unique multi-cob bearing landrace either ex situ or in situ is necessary for future needs.


Artifacts, Beverages, Foods, Murlimakai, Sikkim

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