Ethnobotanical Plants Used in Health Care and Traditional Practices by Locals Inhabitants (Gujjars) of Rajaji Tiger Reserve, Uttarakhand, India

., Akash ; ., Navneet ; Bhandari, B S


The present investigation aims to identify the ethnobotanical plants collected by local inhabitants (Gujjars) of Rajaji tiger reserve for medical purposes. Data was collected from 2015-2018 about the uses to ethnomedicinal plants through personal interview, group discussion and questionnaire with predetermined informants. During the period, a total of 60
ethnomedicinal plants were collected in which majority of the plants were wild which was used by the local community in the treatment of different problems. At the time of the survey, demographic characteristics of the Gujjars and other related data was also noted. The collected data was also analysed through use value (UV), informants census factors (Fic), fidelity level (FL) etc. Various ethnomedicinal plants species which we have collected from the study area have not been explored from the other areas of the Western Himalaya. These ethnomedicnal plant species could be used for phytochemical, antimicrobial and pharmacological aspects in future.


Ailments, Ethnomedicinal plant, Gujjars,  Rajaji tiger reserve, Traditional

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