Antibacterial and qualitative phytochemical analysis of Giloy extract for application of herbal finish on cotton fabric

Arya, Nisha ; Arya, N ; Malik, K ; Ahlawat, S ; Chauhan, N


The current study was planned to prepare antibacterial finish for grey cotton fabric using Giloy stem extract for healthcare applications. The selected grey cotton fabric was pretreated prior to application of the extract. For the extraction of the herb, maceration process was employed and the solution prepared was further subjected to soxhlet extraction to congeal the extract. Giloy extract was assessed for its phytochemical and antibacterial properties, to find out the bioactive components responsible for such activity. The application of the extract was carried out on pretreated cotton fabric using exhaust and pad dry cure methods (5 g/L). The treated fabric was assessed for its efficacy against the selected bacterium (Pseudomonas aeruginosa) using AATCC-100 Test method employing Agar well diffusion method. It is discernible from the results of the study that there was good antibacterial activity of Giloy stem extract treated fabric against Pseudomonas aeruginosa which was determined on the basis of zone of inhibition. It was also found that the finish nearly retained upto ten wash cycles and can be used for medical purposes.


Antibacterial activity; Cotton fabric; Eco-friendly; Giloy stem; Soxhlet extraction

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