Efficacy of some indigenous products against cowpea aphid, Aphis craccivora Koch

Mohapatra, Swapnalisha ; Gogoi, Inee ; Bhattacharyya, Badal ; Nath, Palash Deb; Neog, Borsha


An experiment was conducted in field during 2017-18 for efficiency evaluation of seven indigenous products along with a check (imidacloprid 17.8 SL at 20g a.i/ha) to manage Aphis craccivora Koch on cowpea. In the bio-efficacy study, leaf extract of Polygonum hydropiper at 5% was found to be most effective and efficient in aphid population reduction (up to 77.48%), followed by neem oil at 1% (74.11%), Ocimum sanctum leaf extract at 5% (74.00%), Murraya koenigii leaf extract at 5% (70.96%), ash at 10 kg/ha (68.04%), river sand + neem leaf powder at 10 kg/ha (3:1 ratio) (44.48%) and ash + river sand at 10 kg/ha (5:1 ratio) (42.53%) after 7 days of spraying.


Aphis craccivora, Bio-efficacy, Imidacloprid, Indigenous products

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