Development and evaluation of biscuits from foxtail millet and papaya fruit

Kulla, Shreeja ; Kuraganti, Santhi Sirisha; V, Hymavathi T


Foxtail millet biscuits with papaya fruit pulp as sugar substitute were studied with an aim to increase antioxidant properties. Different formulations of 0%, 25%, 30% and 35% papaya pulp were prepared. Addition of papaya fruit pulp to foxtail millet biscuits increased color, texture, low hardness at first bite and mouth feel. Physical properties of biscuits such as weight, thickness and bulk density decreased with increase in papaya pulp addition, whereas diameter and spread ratio increased with increase in papaya incorporation. Based on sensory and physical properties, 35% papaya fruit pulp incorporated foxtail biscuits were analyzed for chemical composition and antioxidant properties compared with sugar-added foxtail millet biscuits as a control. Nutritional evaluation of biscuits revealed that 35% addition of papaya pulp increased ash and decreased protein, iron, zinc and copper; there was no significant difference in fat and moisture content. Antioxidant properties such as total carotenoids, total phenolic content and radical scavenging activity were increased with the addition of papaya fruit pulp to the foxtail millet biscuits. It can be further explored for producing more papaya-based therapeutic products to benefit consumers.


Antioxidant properties, Millet-fruit biscuits, Minerals, Physico-chemical properties, Sugarless biscuits

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