Evaluation of polyherbal formulation against isoniazid and rifampicin induced oxidative stress in rat kidney

Madhavan, Sankar ; Rajkumar, Johanna ; Dorai, Sridhar


The present study deals with oxidative stress in rat kidneys upon administration of Isoniazid (INH) and Rifampicin (RIF), and the attenuative effect of polyherbal formulation Heptoplus. Heptoplus is a polyherbal drug that contains phyllanthin as the active ingredient. Rats were intoxicated with INH and RIF and Heptoplus was orally fed to rats along with INH and RIF. Body weight, serum biochemical, antioxidant status, mitochondrial enzyme activity, lysosomal enzyme leakage and the histopathological impact were studied in the rat kidneys. Body and kidney weight of untreated rats showed deviation, but on treatment, they maintained their normal weight. Untreated rats showed altered serum urea and creatinine levels with deviated antioxidant status and enzymes leakages from lysosomes and decreased mitochondrial enzyme activity in kindey. But Heptoplus treatment allowed the rats to maintain their biochemical indices in blood and kidney at near normal level. Histopathological reports revealed INH- and RIF -induced oxidative stress was not in sufficient amount to incur any significant damage at the tissue level. Hence, both treated and untreated rat kidneys exhibits normal architecture.
In conclusion, Heptoplus treatment protects the kidney of rats from the INH- and RIF- induced oxidative stress.


Antioxidant, Heptoplus, Oxidative stress, Phyllanthin

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