UPLC-MS profiling, antimicrobial and antipyretic activities of Deverra scoparia Coss. & Dur. extracts

Harchaoui, Lilya ; Ouafi, Saida ; Chabane, Djamila


Deverra scoparia Coss. & Dur. a traditional medicinal plant which present important biological properties, due to the presence of secondary metabolites. The aim of this study was to evaluate antimicrobial and antipyretic activities of infusion and ethereal extracts. The antimicrobial activity was tested using disk diffusion method against bacterial and fungal strains. While the antipyretic activity was evaluated by yeast induced pyrexia in rats at doses of 250, 500 and 1000mg/kg for each extract. Results showed a large antimicrobial activity range by the extracts; the infusion extract has an increased inhibition from 45± 0.004 mm and 52± 0.003 mm with bactericidal effect against all bacterial strains tested. The ethereal extract presented a strong antimicrobial activity about 32± 0.001 mm and 48± 0.001 mm with bacteriostatic effect with a value equal to 8 for all strains. The administration of infusion and ethereal extracts produced significant (P <0.05) and dose-dependent decrease in rectal temperature. The UPLC-MS analysis indicated the presence of caffeic acid and quercetin with a quantity of 16.4 and 1224.6 µg/g sample respectively. These findings indicate that Deverra scoparia Coss. & Dur. aerial part contains compounds with antimicrobial and antipyretic properties, thus justifying its use in traditional medicine.


Antimicrobial, Antipyretic, Caffeic acid, Deverra scoparia, Quercetin

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