Fishing techniques and gears developed by tribal communities around Bargi Reservoir in Madhya Pradesh, India

rasal, vishal m; Dasgupta, Subrata ; Yadre, Swapnil ; Shukla, Satya Prakash


Traditional knowledge (TK) plays very important role in the millions of people around the world. There is immense need of documentation of traditional knowledge especially in countries rich in biodiversity, such as India. Bargi is one of the major dam constructed on river Narmada in Madhya Pradesh. Local communities use various fishing methods since time memorable.  Dam changes ecology and hydrology of river. Tribal communities have adapted their fishing techniques to these changes and have also developed new techniques. Fishing technique described is this paper practiced around Bargi Reservoir. Six type  of  crafts  and different  gears  were encountered  during  the  two years of seasonal survey.


Bargi Reservoir; Fishing craft; Fishing gear; Narmada river

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