Traditional use of non-timber forest products: Boon for livelihood security of people in Shivalik range of Jammu region

Bagal, Yudhishther Singh; Nanda, Rakesh ; Sharma, Lakshmi Kant; Raina, Narender Singh


Non-timber forest products (NTFPs) play an important part in forest dwellers' livelihoods. The people are completely reliant on the forest for their survival. The forest provides people with a sense of well-being in their daily lives as well as economic benefits. The present exploratory study was conducted in Shivalik range of Jammu region to ascertain the role of identified NTFPs in the livelihood security of peasants. Participatory Rural Appraisal techniques were used to identify and document traditional NTFPs. The documented NTFPs were Patis (Aconitum chasmanthum), Gucchi (Morchella esculenta L.), Nag chhatri (Trillium govanianum), Banafsaha (Viola canescence), Dhoop (Jurinea macrocephala), Kaurd (Picorhiza kurroa), Muskbala (Valeriana hardwickii), Kasrot (Diplazium esculentum), Zakham-e- hiyat (Bergenia ciliata) which play a catalyst role in the livelihood of people of Shivalik range of Jammu region. The peasants of the area used to collect NTFPs from the nearby forest area and sell it to the local traders to earn their livelihood. It was evident from the data that NTFPs contribute to the tune of 29% to the average annual income of the collectors.


Collection and marketing, Livelihood, Non-timber Forest Products, Traditional knowledge

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