Organic composition of Igalo bay peloid (Montenegro)

Bigovic, Miljan ; Pantovic, Snezana ; Milasevic, Ivana ; Ivanovic, Ljubica ; Djurovic, Dijana ; Slavic, Vjeroslava ; Popovic, Milica ; Vrvic, Miroslav ; Roganovic, Milovan


Igalo peloid is known for a number of therapeutic properties (resort of healing, cosmetic or aesthetic application) and its closeness of the sea, which makes the peloid extremely valuable. So far, the organic composition of the Igalo peloid was not investigated or determined. Also, there are studies for its medical application and biological activity, which are directly related to its chemical composition. In this paper we analyzed the content of organic compounds (fatty acids, proteins, amino acids, sugars) and we also listed their main and well-known biological, pharmaceutical and medical roles and purposes. For the purpose of this study, different analytical techniques were applied to the collected peloid, including extraction, chromatographic, electrophoretic and NMR techniques.


Fatty acids; Igalo; Peloid; Perspective; Proteins; Sugars

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