Litterfall guided soil nutrient return in Eucalyptus based agroforestry system

Kumar, T ; Kumari, B ; Arya, S ; Jayaswal, D ; Kaushik, Prashant


Here, the arrangement of litterfall and nutrient return to the soil by the seven-year-old plantations of Eucalyptus under different spacings established on sodic wastelands in northern India was determined. The litterfall was sorted into leaf wood and miscellaneous. Further, the seasonal variation of litterfall obtained under three different spacings was recorded. Maximum leaf litter production was observed in 3×3 m spacing followed by 6×1.5 m during the winter season. Whereas, the minimum leaf litter was recorded in 17×1×1 m spacing. Similarly, the maximum wood litter production was observed at the spacing of 3×3 m spacing in rainy season followed by 6×1.5 m.The weights of nutrients returned through annual litterfall in 3×3 spacing returned the highest amount of N (2.16 g/m2 year) followed by 6×1.5 and 17×1×1 spacing.. Whereas, two-year data of litterfall of E. tereticornis showed the 17×1×1 spacing returned the highest amount of P in next year through leaf litter followed by 6×1.5 and minimum 3×3 spacing. Overall, this study provides important information regarding the litterfall guided soil nutrient return to the soil under North Indian conditions.


Agroforestry; Eucalyptus; Litterfall; Sodic soils; Wasteland

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