Fatty acid composition and bioactivity of Sesbania sesban seed oil

Singh, Shobha ; Singh, Brahma N; Srivastava, Manjoosha


The aim of this study is to estimate the fatty acid composition and bioactivity of extracted seed oil of Sesbania sesban. S. sesban seeds were separated into two parts germ (42.48%) and endosperm with seed coat by a domestic mixer at medium speed by dry milling process. Endosperm with seed coat was separated by treatment with distilled water: ethanol, kept for 2hours, ground with mixer to obtain pure endosperm(26.22%), seed coat(11.33%) & subjected to extraction process viz. hot and cold method with solvent petroleum ether 40-60οC. Fatty acids composition was analyzed using gas-liquid chromatography for both soxhlet and cold extract that revealed maximum amount of palmitic acid was found in cold extract of endosperm (50.511%) & in seed coat (30.65%). Oleic acid was found to be maximum in cold extract of powder (48.20%) and in germ (48.67%) but in hot lower than cold. Linoleic acid was found to be more hot than cold methods. The antimicrobial activity of seed oil was done by disk diffusion method. Antibacterial activity has been shown more significant by cold in comparison to hot extracts. Hence, the present study revealed the potentiality of seed oil as a bioactive marker for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and cosmetics.


Bioactivity; Extraction; GLC; Oil; Seed; Sesbania

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