Adaptability and AMMI biplot analysis for yield and agronomical traits in scented rice genotypes under diverse production environments

Kesh, Hari ; Kharb, Rakesh ; Ram, Khushi ; Munjal, Renu ; Kaushik, Prashant ; Kumar, D


The crucial aspect of the identification of the genotypes adaptable to different production environments (systems) for the thirty-six popular scented rice varieties was countered via adaptability and AMMI biplot analysis. The varieties were evaluated for several agronomical traits (twelve) under four production environments namely, direct-seeded rice (DSR), the system of rice intensification (SRI), chemical-free cultivation (CFC) and transplanted rice (TPR). Among different production environments, SRI was found on the top followed by TPR, CFC and DSR. Genotype × environment interactions were significant for all of the traits. Based on the AMMI biplot technique, Pusa Sugandh 3, HKR -11-509 and Pusa Sugandh 5 were found suitable for grain yield per plant and general adaptation to all the environments.


AMMI; Adaptability; GGE; Rice; Stability

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