Improvised storage of Cassia fistula L. fruit pod with special references to Ayurvedic principles and practices by traditional text: An analytical investigation

Hazra, Kalyan ; Dutta, Sreya ; Mitra, Achintya ; Ravte, Rohit Kumar; Rao, Mruthumjaya Meda


Cassia fistula L. (Sanskrit: Aragvadha, family: Caesalpinaceae) is used as a mild laxative in traditional medicine. Ancient texts advocate specific storage of its matured and ripe fruits under a pit filled with sand or soil. The present study was designed to compare the physicochemical, organoleptic and other biochemical parameters of the fruits pulp, stored under usual and specific conditions as mentioned in ancient texts. The sample kept under pit showed higher total phenolics, flavonoids and anthraquinones levels along with reduced total and reducing sugars. The increased antioxidant activity of the pit-stored sample due to higher total phenolics and flavonoids levels as revealed from the DPPH• radical scavenging assay may enhance its medicinal attributes, justifying ancient claim of specific storage of the fruits.


Antioxidant assay, Cassia fistula, Phytochemical assay, Specific storage

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