The development of burfi with date paste

Vyawahare, Aishwarya N.; meshram, bhushan devidas; Gawande, Hemant Murlidhar; Kanoje, Ravindra Ramlal


Burfi with date paste was prepared by mixing the date paste with khoa as per standard method. Date paste was added at 10%, 20%, 30% and 40% levels to the weight of khoa. Burfi prepared with addition of date paste up to 30% level was best accepted and resembled the control in sensory attributes. Addition of date paste into burfi changed the composition of burfi. The moisture, total solids, ash, lactose, fat, protein and HMF changed significantly however, FFA remained unchanged in final product when compared to control sample. Addition of date paste into burfi significantly increased the acidity and lowered the pH of burfi. The production cost of burfi with date paste was slightly higher than control burfi due to additional cost of date paste.


Burfi; Composition; Date; Date paste

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