Medicated hair oil formulation and positive effect on dandruff control with hair growth

Gomare, Komal Sudhakar; Mishra, D N; Nagime, K C; Gomare, G S; Gurme, S V


Hair disorder is an emotional subject fashioned with so many feelings and reducing self-esteem and self-confidence. It influences the overall appearance of the person. Nowadays, such affected persons are addressing the issues with herbal therapies than chemical treatments. The market is full of hair oils claimed to have positive efficacy, some containing herbal parts and some other containing nutritional agents. Three different plants i.e. Javākusum (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis), Jāti (Jasminum officinale) and Bargād/ Vaṭa (Ficus benghalensis) identified from the descriptions of Mādhava Cikitsā, a classical ayurvedic text.The GC-MS study of the flower extracts of Javākusum and Jāti (Chameli) and aerial root extract of Bargād revealed several phytocompounds which are considered as potential bioactive ingredients from the way2drug PASS analysis (chemoinformatics study) for therapeutic uses like antifungal, antiseborrheic agents and hair growth stimulants, etc. The medicated oil formulation/ preparation from the combination of these three selected plants also tested positive in effect for controlling dandruff and promoting hair growth in the affected individuals when experimentally studied. Hence, this research endeavour will certainly provide a future possibility of addressing hair disorder issues, especially with young generation. And Pharma companies could bring new medicated oil products to the benefit of affected population in future.


Dandruff, Ficus, Hair disorder, Hibiscus, Jasminum, Medicated oil

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