Nutmeg extract modulates triglyceride levels and gene expressions of CD36,
FATP1, and CPT1B in rat skeletal muscle

lesmana, ronny ; Husen, Susanti ; pratiwi, yuni susanti; susianti, susianti ; goenawan, hanna ; Lestari, keri ; abdulah, rizky ; Syamsunarno, MRAA ; anggraeni, Neni ; A, Purba ; supratman, Unang


Obesity has become a global health problem. It affects all organs in the human body including skeletal muscle as fat deposits in skeletal muscle decrease skeletal muscle mass. Nutmeg, which is a native spice from Indonesia, has been known to be a herbal medicine to treat hyperlipidemia. VariousĀ In vivostudies have proven that nutmeg extract can reduce body weight and lipid deposition. However, there is limited information about the effects of nutmeg on lipid transport regulation particularly in muscle cells. Hence, in this study, we investigated the effects of nutmeg extract on blood lipid profile and lipid metabolism in skeletal muscles. Rats were divided into two groups: control and nutmeg extract-treated group. Treatment group was fed with nutmeg extract for 12 weeks. Blood samples of the rats were subjected to lipid profile examination. In addition, the soleus muscle of all groups were isolated and subjected for mRNA examination. Furthermore, expression of lipid transporter in cell membrane (CD36) and in mitochondrial membrane (FATP1 and CPT1B) were analyzed by semi-quantitative PCR. Although the daily food intake increased, no weight gain was observed in the nutmeg-treated group. Additionally, nutmeg extract has shown to decrease triglyceride blood levels in the treatment group. Interestingly, the CD36 FATP1 and CPT1B mRNA expressions in the soleus muscles increased with nutmeg treatment. The results of this study suggest that nutmeg extract modulates lipid utilization in skeletal muscle through CD36, FATP1, and CPT1B lipid transporter.


CD36, CPT1B, FATP1, Lipid, Nutmeg, Soleus muscle

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