Design and evaluation of an herbal anti lice shampoo containing Brassica juncea (L.) Czern.

Saikia, Ananta ; Sahariah, Bhargab Jyoti; Bora, Nilutpal Sharma


Brassica juncea (L.) Czern. leaves has been ethnomedicinally used by people of Assam for getting rid of Pediculosis capitis (lice infestations) since time immemorial. Pediculosis capitis is a widely occurring and highly transferable condition affecting millions worldwide. Both pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches are utilized to get rid of this condition, but with the advent of lice becoming resistant to most chemical anti-lice agents, researchers are turning towards herbal alternatives. This is why the current study is devoted to establish the potential present in Brassica juncea against this parasite and to use it when currently prevalent pediculocides fails to combat the parasite. In addition to this, a laboratory based shampoo is formulated to provide an aesthetic, reliable, safe and patient friendly medium to deliver the agent. Lastly both the extract and the medicated shampoo are tested on lice following a definite protocol and the results are compared to that of a marketed formulation.


anti-lice; Brassica juncea; ethnomedicinal; pedulocidal; shampoo

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