Formulation of nutrient dense Chapatti premix suitable for diabetics


BN, SHYAMALA ; Ramakrishna, Manasa Gonhal; Prakash, Jamuna


Wheat is one of the largest cereal grown around the world and is used as staple in many countries. Since processing or refining of wheat removes many essential nutrients, its nutritional quality is reduced. The aim of the present study was to develop a supplemental nutritious premix based on natural ingredients using dry greens, pulses and spices, and to evaluate their efficacy for value addition, which in turn can combat micronutrient deficiency and can be advised for diabetics. Premix was incorporated to chapatis at 12.5% and 25% levels and estimated for chemical composition and antioxidant activity. Results showed that premix was rich source of protein (12 to 14.78%), insoluble dietary fiber (16.9 to 18.6%), calcium (150 to 244 mg/100 g), total and β-carotene and bioactive components. Antioxidant activity indicated that premix incorporated samples had higher activity than control. Thus, it can be concluded that nutritional quality of chapattis can be enhanced by incorporating nutritious premix.


Antioxidant components, Antioxidant activity, Bioaccessible minerals, Drumstick leaves, Dried onion powder, Kilkeerai greens, Sensory quality

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