Documentation of traditional alcoholic beverages and their indigenous utilization pattern by Kinnaura tribes of Himachal Pradesh, North Western Himalaya

Lata, Swaran ; Negia, Pitamber Singh; Samanta, Sher Singh; Seth, Mukesh Kumar; Shrama, Shivani


Traditional alcoholic beverages are part and parcel of indigenous communities worldwide since ancient ages. These beverages are very common and popular among the indigenous communities residing in rural and tribal areas of India. In view of this, The present study has been conducted to document the traditional alcoholic beverages and their indigenous uses by Kinnaura tribes of Himachal Pradesh. Kinnaura, the tribal communities of Kinnaur district, Himachal Pradesh are famous for their own unique traditions, culture, history and lifestyle. The usage of local alcoholic beverages especially Angoori, Moori, Rashi, Brandi, Shudang, Chhang and Zanashang are quite common among Kinnaura tribes. These are important part of their customary rituals, festivals, diet and health since time immemorial and prepared by the tribal communities in every village across the Kinnauar district for their own use by following indigenous methods using fruits, grains and bulbs of 15 locally available species. The information on collection time, processing and production was gathered through interviews. Production of these traditional beverages are limited to household level and the methods involved for their preparation are almost similar all across the Kinnaur district. These indigenous practices are also being followed by the present generations through the knowledge gained from their elders. Legal permission for mass production, branding and popularization of traditional beverages and adoption as livelihood option has been suggested.


Angoori, Chhang; Indigenous utilization; Himachal Pradesh; Kinnaura tribe; Moori; Rashi; Traditional alcoholic beverages

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