Ayurvedic paradigm for COVID-19 prophylaxis and management strategies: Perspective and evidence-based review

KUMAR, ARVIND ; Rai, Amit Kumar; Chiluveri, Ashwin C; Chiluveri, Sudha K; Londhe, Deepak ; Singh, Rajeshwari ; Kumar, Shobhit ; G, Sumeet


The prophylactic and therapeutic potential of traditional systems of medicine like Ayurveda has not being explored to its maximum in the search for effective solution of COVID-19 crisis. The present work is an attempt to strategize the strength of Ayurveda in the prophylaxis and management of COVID-19 as a standalone system or integrated with conventional medicine. The restorative protocols for COVID-19 may be planned on the line of management principles described for infectious diseases, epidemics, fever and respiratory ailments in Ayurveda with single herb and formulations having proven immunomodulatory & anti-viral properties. The way forward is to adopt integrative approach by taking leads from Ayurveda and incorporating it into the action strategy to fight this pandemic.


Ayurveda; COVID-19 pandemic; Immunomodulator; Integrative medicine; Prophylaxis; Traditional medicine

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