Antioxidant and antimicrobial capacity of Lactifluus rugatus and its antiproliferative activity on A549 cells



In the present study, the antioxidant, antimicrobial potential and antiproliferative activity of Lactifluus rugatus mushroom were determined. Thus, extracts of the mushroom were obtained using a Soxhlet device. Antioxidant and oxidant potentials were determined using Rel Assay kits. Antimicrobial potential was tested on 9 microorganisms using the modified agar dilution method. MTT test was conducted on A549 cells to determine the anti-proliferative activity. As a result, high level of antioxidant activity was determined in L. rugatus. Furthermore, it was determined that the mushroom had antimicrobial properties on tested bacteria and fungi and strong anti-proliferative activity on A549 cells. In conclusion, it was considered that L. rugatus had pharmacological potential and it can be utilized as a natural pharmacological agent.


Antimicrobial; Antioxidant; Antiproliferative; Edible mushroom; Lactifluus rugatus; Oxidant

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