Effect of oregano oil (Origanum Vulgare L.) on chronic rhinosinusitis: A randomized, double-blind, clinical trial

Qaraaty, MD Marzieh; Kamaneh, MD Seyed Abdol-Reza; Tabarrai, MD Malihe; Mazidi, MD Mona; Mojahedi, MD Morteza; Mazandarani, Masoumeh ; Behnampour, Nasser


According to new investigations, oregano oil nasal spray can be used to treat patients with chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) effectively. The current study examines the incremental effect of oregano oil and the use of Persian medicine lifestyle modification (PML). 75 adult patients with CRS participated in this study; the clinical trial was done in Otolaryngology Clinic of the Fifth Azar Hospital from January 30 to June 25, 2018. A kit including saline bottle, identical PML instruction, and identical nasal sprays containing either oregano oil (intervention group), fluticasone (control group) or sesame oil (placebo group) was given to all participants for 4 weeks. The reduction of mean change in SNOT-22 scores were 51.52
(95% CI, -55.79 to -47.24), 21.60 (95% CI, -25.48 to -17.71) and 11.84 (95% CI, -13.18 to -10.51) points for those in the oregano, fluticasone and placebo group, respectively. The mean difference of oregano to fluticasone and oregano to placebo group were 29.92 (-35.78 to -24.05) to 39.68 (-45.54 to -33.81) point, respectively, in favor of the oregano group. This study shows that oregano oil results in clinically meaningful benefits beyond those of fluticasone and sesame oil for patients with CRS without nasal polyps. Nonetheless, its generalization should be explored further.


Origanum vulgare; Persian medicine; Sinusitis; SNOT-22

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