Ethnomedicinal study of plants used to cure skin diseases and healing of wounds in Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary (GWLS), Jammu & Kashmir

Pant, Shreekar ; Wani, Zishan Ahmad


Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary (GWLS) hosts large number of medicinal plants and is a rich repository of indigenous knowledge and practices. In present day scenario such indigenous knowledge is disappearing in new generations day by day with the advent of modernization. Therefore, an effort has been made to document the aboriginal uses and practices of plants utilized by the local inhabitants of Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary (GWLS), to treat skin related
problems and help in wound healing. A total of 33 plant species belonging to 31 genera and 26 families are used indigenously to cure various skin diseases/wound healing. 22 plant species are non-native and 11 species are native to the Himalayan region. Various plant parts of these species are used to cure aforesaid diseases. Further, such studies would assist in developing a comprehensive database of plant used in various traditional medicinal systems or strengthening the healthcare in the rural ecosystem and also help in conserving the traditional knowledge and
practices for posterity.


Dermatitis; Ethnomedicinal; Gulmarg wildlife sanctuary; Skin disease; Wound healing

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