Role of traditional medicines as a challenge for Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Shankar, Rama ; Balkrishna, Acharya ; Srivastava, Anupam ; Joshi, Bhaskar ; Mishra, Rajesh Kuamr


The most countries in the World are facing the problem of disease caused by Noval coronavirus (covid-19) with symptoms of higher grade flu like symptoms or with no symptom. The infection is spreading through contact with the person suffered from coronavirus symptoms like sneezing, high fever, cough and ultimately blockade of respiratory system. Sometimes symptoms of diarrhea and dysentery were also detected at advanced stage of the disease. Till now any effective medicine or vaccine could not be developed for the prevention and getting relief. Only trial and error by applying some antimalarial drugs chloroquine hydroxide alongwith some other antiviral infections is used and up to 38% are being recovered in India as well as other countries. Under such circumstances strengthening immune system becomes only option for preventing from this viral disease and our traditional medicines are playing vital role for immunity strengthening. Accordingly, some herbs either singly or in combination form have been suggested as preventive measure for coronavirus through this communication.


Ardraka; Ashwagandha; Coronavirus; Pippali; Traditional medicine

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