Association of biotic factors with indigenous knowledge of farmers on rainfall predictions

Tirlapur, Laxmi Nagappa; Biradar, Nagaratna ; Bheemappa, A ; Kerur, Akshata ; Chand, Khem


Farmers use different factors (biotic and abiotic) around them to predict rainfall. Several Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) practices followed by farmers in different parts of the country are documented and published. ITKs collected from flood and drought prone areas of south India along with documented ITKs were analysed to know the biotic indicators used by farmers to predict rainfall. These biotic factors were classified as insects, birds and animals. Farmers use 19 types of insects, 17 types of birds and 10 types of animals as indicators to predict rainfall. Various behaviour types of these biotic factors are observed by farmers based on which they make decisions about possibility of rain occurring and in some cases the intensity of rain. These are grassroots innovations which are time tested and facilitated farmers to make their farming decisions.


Animals; Behaviour; Birds; Forecast; Indigenous knowledge; Insects

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