Fingerprinting of Sahaj Vati, additive for natural lovastatin production

Yadav, Kapil Deo; Dwivedy, Abhishek Kumar; Yadav, Vinod Kumar; Dubey, Nawal Kishor; Chaudhary, Anand Kumar


The lovastatin has been used in hypercholesterolemia and heart diseases for therapeutic as well as preventative purposes and it is naturally obtained from filamentous fungi such as Aspergillus through biotechnological approach. The additives in fungal media which enhances the fungal growth should also increase the production of lovastatin. Finger printing of Sahaj Vati, a herbo-mineral formulation comprising mixture of Plumbago zeylanica, Curcuma longa, Shilajeet, Commiphora mukul and Clerodendrum phlomidis powder to be added in medium for fungal growth. The fungal growth activity of both batches of Sahaj Vati was tested for fungal isolate of A. flavus by contact measure through hyphal development restraint test utilizing Potato dextrose agar (PDA) and SMKY medium followed by chromatographic and different techniques for standardization. Sahaj Vati has lower antifungal index & increased the fungal biomass and separation of compound was higher in mobile phase Benzene: Ethyl acetate: Pyridine: 5:4.9:0.1 & Hexane: Chloroform: Pyridine: 2.7:1. Sahaj Vati increased the growth and biomass of A. flauvs which may be used for natural production of lovastatin.


Aspergillus flavus, Fimger printing, Lovastatin, Sahaj Vati

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