Minni Payaru [Vigna stipulacea (Lam.) Kuntz.]: an underutilized ancient legume of India

Tripathi, Kuldeep ; Gore, Padmavati G; A, Bhargavi H; Rajpoot, Sudhir Kumar; Singh, Neeta ; Gupta, Veena


Minni Payaru [Vigna stipulacea (Lam.) Kuntz] is an underutilized traditional legume species mainly used for food, animal fodder and green manure, particularly in Southern India. In the era of global climate change, this indigenous crop has the ability to survive under harsh environment and also has resistance against various biotic and abiotic stresses. Based on acquired knowledge about this crop, farmers prefer Minni Payaru compared to other commercial kharif pulses. Though Minni Payaru has huge potential to be used as main legume crop, it has not gained popularity in India. Currently, the cultivation of Minni Payaru is restricted to the Southern regions of India. The present review summarises the budding role of Minni Payaru in human nutrition, animal fodder and green manure.


Biotic and abiotic stresses; Fodder; Food; Green manure; Neglected crop

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