Ethno-medicinal plants used by the people of Dharan municipality, Eastern Nepal

Magar, Renuka Ale; Mallik, Anand Raj; Chaudhary, Sujan ; Parajuli, Sanju


The present study aims to document the traditional knowledge of local people of Dharan, Eastern Nepal, associated with medicinal plants and their uses. Rapid Rural Appraisal (RRA) was used to collect ethno-medicinal data and information from the study area. The present study has reported 33 medicinal plant species under 20 families where 21 plant species were found to be wild and 12 as cultivated. Frequently occurring life form was found to be herbs, n=15 (45.45%) followed by shrubs (24.24%), trees (24.24%), grasses (0.03%) and climbers & creepers (0.03%). The present study has reported more than 35 different ailments, which has been treated, prevented and cured by 33 plant species. Some of the measure disorders are cancer, piles, perspiration, bronchitis, asthma etc. Many plants have shown similar results as previous study by different researchers. However, some plants have shown different medicinal uses as compared to others research.


Disease and Treatment, Eastern Nepal, Ethno-medicine, Traditional knowledge

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