Effects of a multi route (oral and nasal) application of Lasunadya Ghrita (An ayurvedic formulation) in cases of primary depression: Inferences from a Non Randomized open label clinical trial

Tiwari, Vandana ; Rastogi, Sanjeev ; Katiyar, Arvind ; Nischal, Anil


Mental diseases are rising globally. Depression is one among the most common mental disorders with an alarmingly high incidence in India. Mental health care in general is suboptimal in India on account of inadequate resources and lack of awareness. Pluralistic health care delivery model of India including its traditional health care services is less explored in case of mental health for its possibility of adding value to the net mental health care delivery. The objective of the study was to explore the efficacy of an ayurvedic formulation Lasunadya Ghrita (LG) in a multimodal application form in cases of depression and to compare its efficacy with conventional care composed of Escitalopram, Etizolam and Zolpidem (EEZ) provided in an allopathic psychiatric health care setting. Total 52 patients of depression allocated non randomly to Ayurveda LG group and to Allopathy EEZ group were followed up for 4 weeks and evaluated on the basis of HAM-D and SF-36 mean score changes of the participants on a pre and post basis and also for their intergroup comparisons. Statistically significant changes in mean HAM-D and SF-36 Score were observed in a pre-post comparison in both the groups. An intergroup comparison was non- significant for majority of HAM-D domains, barring a few showing the comparable effects of two treatment approaches. Ayurvedic treatment was effective in work and energy domain and gastrointestinal symptoms. Pre and post mean changes in HAM-D and SF-36 Score in two groups have shown significant changes in both the groups suggestive of their individual efficacy. Insignificant difference in most domain scores of HAM-D and SF-36 in an inter group comparison was suggestive of comparable efficacy of LG multi route application with EEZ allopathy care.


Ayurveda; Depression; Mental health; Traditional health care

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