Achanakmar -Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve: Development and traditional knowledge of Baiga

Baghel, Yamini A; Patil, Gunjan


An anthropological survey was carried out in the core area of the Achanakmar Amarkantak Biosphere Reserve (AABR) for the study. Three villages Sarasdol, Tilaidabara, and Chhirhatta having maximum Baiga population were selected and interviewed to compare changes in the traditional knowledge with the present time. The survey was indicated that indigenous knowledge and tradition has altered by the influence of outer culture and new technologies, which introduced in their area through various governmental schemes. Governmental schemes deteriorated the traditional knowledge of the Baiga tribe. The results of the study were shown a significant change in the age-old traditional practice of the Baiga tribe of the core zone due to the interference of the outsider and the conversational gaps between the two successive generations. The new generation was not ready to adopt their traditional knowledge as they have found the ease of life through modern culture, leads to the loss of the knowledge of traditional healing technique and identification power of various valuable plants were not passing to their next generations.


Baiga tribe, Culture and customs, Development schemes, Traditional knowledge

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