Clinical evaluation of Tukhm-e-Sambhalu (Vitex negundo Linn. seed) in Usr-e-Tams Ibtedayee (primary dysmenorrhoea)

Zeenat, Fahmeeda ; Ahmad, Wasim ; Khan, Rizwan Mohiyuddin; Hasan, Azhar


Primary dysmenorrhoea is painful menstrual cramps of uterine origin during menstruation without any identifiable pathological lesion. It is commonly seen in menstruating and lasting 12-24 h. Its prevalence is wide, as more than 70% of teenagers and 30-50% of menstruating women suffer from varying degree of discomfort. Tibbe-e-Unani claims to possess safe and effective therapeutic substances which are commonly prescribed in the management of primary dysmenorrhoea (Usr-e-Tams Ibtedayee), but despite being used in the treatment successfully, most of them have yet not been studied scientifically. Therefore, an attempt has been made in the present study to evaluate a single Unani drug Tukhm-e-Sambhalu (Vitex negundo) on 30 patients for its efficacy in primary dysmenorrhoea. The patients were administered test drug in powder form (5 g), by oral rout, twice a day for 7 days, starting 2 days before the onset of menstruation up to 5th day of menses, for three consecutive cycles. The important clinical features like pain in suprapubic region, pain in thigh, backache and headache were significantly reduced in patients treated with test drug. Thus, findings of this study suggested that Tukhm-e-Sambhalu is safe and effective in ameliorating the disease primary dysmenorrhoea.


Primary dysmenorrhoea, Tukhm-e-Sambhalu, Usr-e-Tams Ibtedayee, Vitex negundo

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