Perspectives of traditional health care system of Sikkim, North-East India – An
ethno-pharmacological survey and analysis

Mahapatra, Madhusmita ; Gurung, Bhumika ; Somkuwar, Bharat Gopalrao; Thorat, Sunil S.; Rai, Bikash ; Kumar, Pravin ; Deb, Lokesh


The Indo-Himalayan mountain state of Sikkim has abundant reserves of bio-diversity of ancient ancestry. Many folklore healers renowned in Sikkim for their valuable traditional knowledge, especially for the use of combination drug therapy to treat bone fracture. In the cross-cultural ethnopharmacological survey, a predesigned questionnaire was used for interviews at the residence of respective folklore healers. Their patient handling and preparations of formulations have documented in written and audio-visual format. The standard statistical indices selected relevant for the present study. The record of traditional knowledge on 193 different formulations used for 49 various human ailments has enumerated during this survey. A total of 121 plants belonging to 65 families were found to be used as a component for 193 formulations. Graphical representation of the frequency of citation, especially survey and reference data shown significant correlation indicating common and specific use of plants in the treatment of different diseases. The scientific research on medicinal plants used by traditional practitioners and the application of ethnobotanical products in the folklore healthcare system significantly help in the sustainable development of traditional healthcare practices of the region. For the research fraternity, the quantitative analysis of survey data is gaining wider acceptability due to relative importance.


Cross cultural ethnopharmacological survey; North East India; Predesigned questionnaire; Sikkim; Traditional healthcare practice; Traditional Knowledge; Traditional medicine

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