Traditional knowledge for dairy animals in Una district of Himachal Pradesh

Reetu, Reetu ; Kumar, Sunil ; Negi, Narender ; Nath, Shyam ; Singh, Raghvendra ; A, Minimol V; Kumar, Arvind ; Sharma, Yogita ; Sharma, Sanjay ; Sharma, Sanjay


Traditional knowledge (TK), also known as indigenous knowledge (IK) or local knowledge (LK) generally refers to the matured long-standing traditions and practices of certain regional, indigenous, or local communities. India stands at number 1 in milk production as dairy master across the world. However, due to large number of animal population, distant/remote location, shortage of veterinary staff, some time, veterinary aids are not available to the farmers. In such instances, it is the traditional knowledge of the people which guides them to mitigate the sufferings of the animals. In this article, some of the ITKs are described based on oral communication with the people.


Animals; Dairy; Traditional knowledge; Una

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