Pranic energy sensations experienced by Indian adolescents: A cross-sectional study

Jois, Srikanth N; B, Manasa ; R, Moulya ; D’Souza, Lancy


Prana is the universal principle of energy or life-force, essential for survival. This vital energy can be felt by almost anybody with guidance and training. Objectives: The present study seeks to assess the extent of sensations during perceiving the pranic energy between hands. The sample consists of 237 National Cadets Corps (NCC) students from northern, southern, eastern and western states of India, with a mean age of 18.0 years. Cross-sectional research design was used in this study. The experiment on prana involves experiencing the prana between the hands. After the experiment on prana, participants were instructed to measure the extent of sensations experienced by them and mark on the centimetres level given against each sensation in the questionnaire. The results were analysed using Pearson chi-square and contingency coefficient analysis. There were significant differences observed between participant’s ratings on each pranic energy sensation ranges from 0 to 30 cm. Participants rated their sensations on cm given, in which the majority of the ratings concentrated more in 1-10 cm and least rating found in 30 cm or more. Participants from different states, irrespective of their region, found alike in perceiving the extent of pranic energy sensations. Experiencing the prana between the hands led the participants to feel and quantify the pranic energy through felt sensations. This study provides the fundamentals of a scientific foundation for understanding the vital energy more concretely. Further theoretical and experimental research is needed to refine and standardize the measurements of life energy.


Chi; Life energy; Pranic Healing; Subtle energy

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