Combating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with natural treatment

T, Amaravathi ; M, Murugan ; S, Selvam ; Geetha, P S


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a weakening mental health problem that hampers the child development. Both the hereditary and ecological elements are the primary causes behind the challenge and possibly will be different among persons. The drugs are used for ADHD may be enhancing the health problem. Therefore, huge requirement of ayurvedic based foodstuff is anticipated among the end users that are expected to be healthy as well as afford additional functional benefits. An ayurvedic plant such as brahmi (Bacopamonnieri and Centellaasiatica) is reported to have much useful functional benefits. Brahmi is well-known to harness reminiscence, perception, being sensible and further mental disorderliness. The present review enlightens the functional properties of brahmi for children with ADHD, including intervention programme.


ADHD; Ayurvedic plant; Health benefits; Intervention programme

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