Comprehending the Aura between the hands

Jois, Srikanth N; N, Sowmya S; D' Souza, Lancy ; R, Moulya


This paper aimed to gain an understanding of aura between the hands and analyse the varied responses. Qualitative method, content analysis was used to analyse the written comments made by the participants, regarding aura between the hands, in a survey of students (N=47) from a college of complementary therapy. The results were analysed and 11 themes were identified. To name a few, a set of bioplasmic experiences, aura around the hand is an observable phenomenon, the aura has elastic property, aura experienced as a vibrational force. The themes have been analysed and discussed in detail. We conclude that viewing of the aura between the hands is a simple phenomenon and can be learned by almost anyone. Experimentation has led us to infer that, aura between the hands can be felt and seen.


Aura; Prana; Panchakosha; Pranic Healing

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