An ethno-veterinary study on plants used for the treatment of livestock diseases in Genç (Bingöl-Turkey)

Babacan, Ebru Yüce ; Polat, Rıdvan ; Güler, Osman ; Moyan, Ayşe ; Paksoy, Mehmet Yavuz ; Cakilcioglu, Ugur


There are a very limited number of studies on plants traditionally used in animal diseases in Turkey. As a result, valuable information is getting lost. Traditional plant use in Genç District (Turkey) was recorded by semi-structured interviews with breeders and shepherds. The collected information was subjected to quantitative analysis using the informant consensus factor. It was recorded that a total of 53 plants from 24 families were used in the traditional treatment of animal diseases. 8 of these plants are endemic plants with a narrow distribution area and were recorded for the first time by us. The breeders stated that they applied such plants to animals with peace in mind as these plants had been used for human treatment as well. This study is the first ethno-veterinary study conducted in the province. Phytochemical studies need to be carried out on medicinal plants used in livestock around Bingöl Province. We believe that the use of this preliminary information obtained from ethnoveterinary studies by researchers will contribute to the production of natural animal medicines.


Ethno-veterinary, FIC, Genç, Medicinal plants, Traditional use, Bingöl, Turkey

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