Kadukkai maathirai (a polyherbal traditional siddha formulation) prevents D-galactosamine induced hepatic necrosis in rats

Kumar, N ; Shetty, M ; Shenoy, S ; Devi, V ; Amuthan, A ; Shenoy, G K; Pavithra, P


This study evaluated the prophylactic effect of Kadukkai maathirai in D-galactosamine (D-gal) induced hepatotoxicity in rats. D-galactosamine (D-gal) 400 mg/kg intraperitoneally was used to induce liver damage in rats. To assess the hepatoprotective effect of KM, three different doses of KM (36, 72 and 144 mg/kg body weight) were used. The hepatoprotective effect of KM was compared with standard drug silymarin (50 mg/kg). The biochemical parameters such as AST, ALT, ALP and total bilirubin were estimated. The livers were dissected out to look for histological changes. KM 144 mg/kg and silymarin showed a significant decrease in AST, ALP and total bilirubin. Both KM and silymarin significantly prevented decrease in liver weight. In KM treated groups, the liver did not show necrosis of hepatocytes, and apoptotic bodies with mild to moderate inflammatory infiltrate in the lobules and portal tracts. Hence, the results of this study confirms the hepatoprotective effect KM in rats.


D-galactosamine, Hepatoprotective, Kadukkai maathirai

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