An ethnobotanical field study; traditional foods production and medicinal utilization of Gundelia L. species in Tunceli (Turkey)

Çakılcıoğlu, U


This article gives important ethnobotanical information about Gundelia L. (Kenger) in Tunceli (Eastern Anatolia Region-Turkey). Traditional use of three newly discovered species of Kenger (G. vitekii, G. dersim, G. munzuriensis) in and around Tunceli, as well as Gundelia glabra Miller, has been investigated. A field study had been carried out for a period of approximately two years (2015–2016). During this period, 27 Gundelia L. species were collected. Nine different traditional uses of Kenger plant as food were recorded. Local people use Kenger plant as egg meal with olive oil, watery food with rice, food with garlic yogurt, salad, pickle, gum, coffee, snack and animal feed. Since the plants are newly discovered, the first literature records have been made by us.


Ethnobotany, Food plants, Gundelia, Medicinal plants, Traditional uses

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