COVID-19 prophylactic & management studies based on Electro-Homeopathy

Taki, G S; Mallick, A K; Mondal, A ; Sheet, S P; Mallick, A ; Chakraborty, B


Electro-Homeopathy (EH) is a herbal spagyric based safe & scientific medical system. The usual homeostasis balance between blood and lymph in human body is deviated during illness. In EH, disease is cured by restoring homeostasis balance, using minute amount of specially made spagyric complex remedies. Precise dose of complex set of remedies act on vitiated blood or lymph or both to establish a balanced condition. During this process, various variants of T and B lymphocytes get stimulated by absorbing living plant energy stored in EH remedies. Hence, the harmful invaders are identified and destroyed by lymphocytes (WBC) on and around the diseased organ. Total excretory system simultaneously gets stimulated by EH remedy enabling to drive out quickly the toxic cluster of dead harmful invaders and the infected cells. This process results a complete cure. The EH remedy neither kill any virus directly nor allow virus to reside inside the body for lengthy time. The set of remedy is chosen, such that it does not allow Corona virus to cause harm, even at the cell and tissue level of respiratory, gastro intestinal and other related systems. Suitable dose of medicine applied beforehand, acts as the prophylactic remedy and prescribed medicines applied to Covid patient cures them successfully. A study using EH remedies on 2384 Covid and non Covid mixed population, was carried out during March, 2020 to July, 2021. A prolong consistent result proves that the EH remedy is irrespective of virus strains. The treatment summery has been presented here.


COVID-19 pandemic; Electro-Homeopathy; Immunomodulator; Prophylaxis; Traditional medicine

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