IoT based Siddha diagnosis for human health monitoring

Krishnan, Saravanan ; A, Yazhini


In Siddha, the process of diagnosis is completely related to physical and clinical metrics of the human body. The art of diagnosing and the prognosis are conveyed by the siddhars by using silk or twine thread, which is an ancient technique followed till now to diagnose diseases in human. This paper proposes an IoT based automated device to detect the disease using siddha methodologies. The aim is to design a novel non-invasive device to identify human health problems using the carpus (wrist) circummetric sign. This device is developed and integrated on the basis of IoT platform for real time usage. It determines the wrist circummetric sign, condition of person health to be measured automatically using IR sensor, color sensor, actuators. Here, we inbuilt the embedded IoT system for validating the accurate results for better performance and display the output results in mobile through MQTT dashboard. This developed human health monitoring device can be used for diagnosing human physiological based parameters related to siddha which is termed as Manikadainool. Results proved that this device can predict the wrist parameters for Manikadainool in accurate and efficient manner.


Circummetric sign, Disease diagnosis, IoT sensors, Manikadainool, Siddha

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