A multi-centre study to evaluate the effect and safety of a classical Ayurveda medicine Vyaghri Haritaki in bronchial asthma

Suryawanshi, Milind ; Kumavat, Vinod Bihari; Dua, Pradeep ; Yadav, Babita ; Khanduri, Shruti ; Mundada, Pallavi ; Singhal, Richa ; Rana, Rakesh Kumar; Bharti, Bharti ; Srikanth, Narayanam


Bronchial asthma (vis-à-vis Tamaka Swasa in Ayurveda) is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airway. Multiple Ayurvedic formulations are prescribed by Ayurveda physicians for Tamak Swasa. Vyaghri Haritaki is one such commonly prescribed poly herbal classical Ayurvedic formulation. A multicentre single-arm study was conducted at three Ayurveda Research Institutes in India to explore the effect and tolerability of Vyaghri Haritaki, a classical Ayurvedic medicine, on bronchial asthma (Tamaka Swasa). One forty seven patients between 18 and 60 years diagnosed with bronchial asthma showing a positive test of reversibility of airway obstruction were enrolled. Patients with peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) < 50% and/ or forced expiratory volume in the first second (FEV1) < 50% of the predicted value and other major co-morbidities were excluded. 10 g Vyaghri Haritaki twice a day with lukewarm water was given for 12 weeks (84 days). Changes in the clinical symptoms (Asthma Control Questionnaire), quality of life (St. George Respiratory Questionnaire), respiratory function (peak expiratory flow rate and forced expiratory volume in one second), and haematological and biochemical parameters were compared before and after the treatment. Data of 142 participants were analysed which revealed significant improvement in PEFR [Baseline 301.7 litre/minute and 84th Day 334.85 litre/minute (p<0.001)], FEV1 [Baseline 1.83 litres and 84th Day 2.12 litres (p<0.001)], Asthma Control Questionnaire [Baseline 2.95 and 84th Day 1.43 (p<0.001)], and the total score of the St. George Respiratory Questionnaire [Baseline 50.46 and 84th Day 30.74 (p<0.001)]. No adverse events were reported during the study. Vyaghri Haritaki may prove beneficial in improving the pulmonary function, overall symptoms, and quality of life of patients with bronchial asthma which is well tolerated.


Avaleha, FEV1, PEFR, Polyherbal, Respiratory disorders, Tamak Swasa, Vyaghri haritaki

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