Journal of Indian Association for Environmental Management (JIAEM)

The Journal of Indian Association for Environmental Management publishes original research contributions broadly in the field of environmental sciences and Engineering. The scope of the Journal includes natural resources management, waste management and remediation, marine and coastal environment, biodiversity, environmental biotechnology, environmental pollution control technologies, environmental impact assessment, geospatial technologies for environmental management, environmental modeling, solid waste management, air pollution, water and wastewater management, climate change,  legal and policy issues, socio-economics, risk assessment etc.

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ISSN NO. - Print: 0970-8480
ISSN No. - Online:2582-4228

Vol 41, No 4 (2021): Journal of Indian Association for Environmental Management (JIAEM)

Table of Contents

Activated Rice Husk as Chemical Oxygen Demand Reducing Agent in Petroleum Contaminated Water
Bandekar, Sneha S; Patil, Chidanand ; Sayed, Tausif Ahmed 1-6

Enhancement of pool boiling performance using SWCNT based nanofluids: A sustainable method for the wastewater heat recovery

Thakur, Parag ; Sonawane, Shriram S; Bhaisare, Sparsh ; Pandey, Nilesh 7-18

A Comprehensive Review on the Effect of Various Ultrasonication Parameters on the Stability of Nanofluid

Malika, Manjakuppam ; Sonawane, Shriram S 19-25

Numeric and Experimental Study of Co3O4 –Water/ Ethylene glycol-based nanofluid for car radiator application

Jaiswal, Krishna ; Bhad, Rahul ; Thakur, Parag ; Sonawane, Shriram S 26-37

Diversity of Birds Fauna in Jhargram, West Bengal, India

Das, Dipak ; Patra, Samir ; Patra, Samir ; Bera, Atanu ; Jana, Banashree ; Giri, Sumana ; Jana, Ranjan 38-44

Enhancement of the bio-hydrogen production from complex food wastewater using the hematite and nickel oxide nanoparticles

Sonawane, Shriram S; Gadhe, Abhijit ; Thakur, Parag 45-51

Journal of Indian Association for Environmental Management (JIAEM)