Copyrighted Content Commercialization on OTT Media in Indonesia

Ramli, Tasya Safiranita; Ramli, Ahmad M; Permata, Rika Ratna; Ramadayanti, Ega


Over-the-Top (OTT) can be defined as a service provider delivered through a network and/or infrastructure owned by an operator without directly involving telecommunication operators. OTT as a media can be in a form of video, voice, news, conference, data centre, cloud service, networking service, game, mobile messaging and many others. Initially, OTT was needed as a telecommunications network operator and Internet Service Provider (ISP), hereinafter referred to as an operator. The OTT media was also intended to increase the number of customers and profit earned. Data traffic is predominantly driven by the number of users making cyberspace the main consumption in the form of data, bandwidth and content. OTT has absolutely no accountability to bandwitdh, copyright content and redistribution of content.


Copyright; Content Commercialization; Over the Top (OTT); Legal Protection; Industrial Revolution 4.0; Indonesian Copyright Law; Internet Copyrights; Electronic Information and Transactions Law; Internet of Things (IoT); Cyberspace

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